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Singapore’s Leasing Rules:

International students looking for short-term rental in Singapore need to know that :

Owners of both private residential properties and Housing Development Board(HDB) flats are not allow to sublet
their premises on a short-term basis to tourists or students,

as this will lead to high turnover of occupants and high human traffic, which could cause nuisance and safety concerns to the neighbours.

Under the HDB’s terms and conditions for subletting, the minimum period of subletting must not be less than six months. Subletting of HDB flats or bedrooms for short-term stay is not allowed.

Owners of private residential properties should similarly comply with the URA’s guidelines if they wish to lease or sublet their residential units or rooms. Private residential properties are meant for longer-term stays of six months or more.
(Source : Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)  )

Tenants will be penalised together with the landlords.